Swan Market, Antwerp

June has come in strong, in Europe every one is excited to be out and about enjoying the sun, the festivals, the holidays, basically enjoying the summer. And we have not been the exception. 


On June 5th we travelled from Rotterdam to Antwerp to participate in The Swan  Market. The weather forecast was not looking great, there high chances of rain reason why we signed up for a stall which has little tent that in case of rain will keep you dry. We design a table stand to display our sunglasses. We designed to be a good option to travel around and to manufacture in any place in the world. 


The exact location of the market was the Grote Markt, surrounded by amazing  architecture. It was magnificent, the only down fall was the rain. The forecast was right, it was going to rain, and a lot!

Considering the weather I was surprised to see many people walking through the market with umbrellas and raincoats, europeans  will not be  scared by rain and that I really appreciate. 

So all in all it was a great experience, hope to be joining this market at the same location again on a sunny day :)

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