Costa Rica Design Week - Market

2022, was the first year Design Week Costa Rica has taken place. The week was full of activities and events surrounding the creative industry of Costa Rica.
We were thrilled to get invited to participate in the "De Furia a Feria" market, which was a selection of great amazing local brands and designers. 
For this fair we designed a whole costume made furniture to be able to elevate our visitors experience in to some thin immersive that they could walk around and explore. 
With a limited space of 2 meters x 2 meters, managed to enclose our space in a sensory way immersing our visitors. With big circular mirror to allow every one to have a peek at them selves no matter where they were in the stand, and creating enough storage to stock and personal belongings out of sight. 
The process of designing this stand was one of the most challenging and rewarding we have done un a long time and are looking forward to putting it up more often. 
The Market it self was a complete success we are so thankful for everyone that came and share with us that week.

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