Dadan (大胆): to be bold and audatious.

Play with freedom to be yourself,

Dadan Sunwear eyewear is a testament to kindness, courage and self-expression.


Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. It is all that matters.


Courage comes when you love yourself for who you are.


Practice kindness toward others and yourself. Kindness creates confidence.


Look for the not so common similarities moving through cities, exploring cultures, and experiencing traditions, allow yourself to grow through exploration.


The journey

Living in the vibrant cities of Paris and Shanghai, our curiosity was sparked by how general stereotypes from back home in Costa Rica did not have a place or relevance here. This led us to embark on a journey of testing and experimenting products as a way to deconstruct social stereotypes. This exploration resulted in creating Sunwear collections to bring together two of our favorite places, Costa Rica and Shanghai.


Fast forward to today, and behold the result of years spent curating sunglasses that celebrate courage and enable authenticity. Our collection is full of styles, colors, and materials that are built to endure. Dadan Sunwear offers endless possibilities to reflect one´s true self leaving behind stereotypes and exuding fun.

Practice Kindness.